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In private domestic adoption, the children tend to be newborns or young infants. The birth parent(s) select the prospective adoptive applicants they would like to have parent their child. The private adoption agency or licensee must provide the birthparent(s) with at least three profiles from prospective adoptive parent(s). The birth parent(s) create an adoption plan and select the prospective adoptive applicants based on attributes most important to them, such as openness in adoption, culture, religion, hobbies/interests, and hopes and dreams for their child.


Open adoption is regularly a part of a domestic adoption plan. This entails an agreement between the birth parent(s) and the adoptive parent(s) with the support of a birth parent counselor and the adoption agency or licensee. Open adoption works in the best interests of the child, to ensure that the child grows up knowing all parts of their family.

More information on Open Adoption

In Canada, there were fewer than 1,000 private adoption placements in 2017.

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