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The Child and Youth Permanency Council of Canada’s voice for adoption, unifying communities’ commitment to permanency for waiting children and youth. We support and encourage people along their adoption journey, connecting them to the families and resources they need.


Our vision is a permanent, supported family for every waiting child and youth in Canada.


As Canada’s only national, non-profit, charitable organization serving adopted persons, adoptive families, and birth families, we are focused on the need to raise awareness about the approximately 30,000 children and youth in government care across Canada who need permanent families (through kinship care, adoption, customary care and legal guardianship). We also facilitate programs that promote the placement of waiting children and youth in permanent, safe, loving and culturally competent families.

The mission of the CYPCC, while broadly serving the entire adoption community of adopted persons, birth families, and adoptive families, focuses on three main objectives:


To raise awareness about the number of children and youth available for adoption in Canada’s child welfare system, and to facilitate programs that will promote the placement of vulnerable waiting children and youth in permanent, loving, culturally competent families.


To connect with provincial adoption agencies and organizations and support them in our common goals, by assisting them in communicating with different levels of government and the private sector about their specific provincial challenges.


To recognize and promote the need for post-adoption supports for all members of the adoption community. The CYPCC strongly believes that education, communication and connection to medical, social, psychological and educational resources are essential in ensuring the success and longevity of adoptive family relationships.




CYPCC is the number one resource for current Canadian adoption news, publications, educational resources, events and provincial adoption links.


CYPCC believes in demonstrating consideration and respect for all members of the adoption constellation, and in the fundamental right of all persons to have open access to adoption records and to their birth history.

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