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The Child and Youth Permanency Council of Canada is a national voice advocating for a permanent supported family for every waiting child and youth in Canada. As Canada's only national, non-profit, charitable organization serving children and youth across the permanency community, we raise awareness about the children and youth in government care across Canada who need permanent families, whether through customary care, kinship care, legal guardianship or adoption.

CYPCC networks with provincial and territorial governments and agencies to advance common goals and jointly advocate for positive changes across Canada's child welfare system to recognize and promote support services for the permanency community. Above all, our goal is to raise awareness about the number of children and youth in Canada's child welfare system needing permanency and promote the placement of waiting children and youth in permanent, loving, culturally capable families.

Purpose of the Child and Youth Permanency Council of Canada:

  1. To collect and disseminate information about permanency in Canadian provinces and territories and elsewhere.

  2. To promote understanding of the benefits and challenges of permanency.

  3. To assist in the recruitment of families for waiting children and youth.

  4. To facilitate communication between all groups and individuals working towards permanency for Canada's waiting children and youth.

  5. To educate about the importance of permanency and the support services required to sustain lasting permanency.

  6. To support youth and young adults in and from the child welfare system to achieve their permanency objectives.

The Child and Youth Permanency Council of Canada values the lived experience of youth in and from the child welfare system. We support their voices in an effort to promote permanency options for youth aging out of the child welfare system across Canada.

*the Child and Youth Permanency Council of Canada is not an adoption agency.

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